Adding a SSL Certificate to Plesk

Adding a SSL Certificate to Plesk

In order to get the option to add a SSL on your Plesk account you will first need to contact Technical Support to have a dedicated IP added to your account (dedicated IPs on Plesk accounts are only assigned for customers adding a SSL to their site.) Once you've had the dedicated IP added you will need to log into your Plesk control Panel.

Once in, click on the domain name you are trying to secure with the SSL. This will take you to options for this domain which will now include, "Secure Your Site." Click it when ready.

If you are creating a new SSL click "Add SSL Certificate."



This will take you to the page that allows you to create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR). Fill out all requisite fields, the lines with asterisks are required. The certificate name may be whatever you choose, as it will only be used to identify which certificate you are working with. Adding a date to this name makes it easier, later on, when it is time to renew.



If you are buying a certificate through us (recommended), click, "Buy SSL Certificate." This will take you to the SSL Certificate order page. Alternately, if you only need the CSR so that you can use a third-party SSL Certificate, click "Request."

If you just created the CSR, it will now be at the bottom of this page. Copy this (including the "begin ... and end certificate request copy) and you can use it when ordering the SSL Certificate with your Certificate Authority.

If you buy an SSL Certificate with us, Trustwave will provide you with Certificate. Please note: this may take some time, as Trustwave sometimes requires additional verification prior to SSL Certificate issuance. Once you have the SSL from either Trustwave or other third party SSL company you may continue with the process.




Installing the SSL Certificate

Go to "Secure Your Site" again and click on the certificate listed with the same name used when you created the CSR.


This will take you back to the certificate. If you go to the center of the page, you can add the Private Key, Certificate, and CA Certificate (Chain) to your site. They may be uploaded from a file or, if you only have the text for the certificate, you can also upload from text.

The section to upload from file looks like:

The section to add from text looks like:

Once you have uploaded all sections (this can be done separately or simultaneously), you should see all four icons filled in as seen here:

There is one final step to using the SSL that you have uploaded to your site. Go Back to the top of the Websites & Domains page then click on, "Hosting Settings" next to the domain you are trying to secure.


Go to the security section and select the certificate name of the new certificate you just finished creating. Make sure the SSL support box is checked to activate it. Then, click "OK" at the bottom of the screen.


It will likely take a few moments to complete this process. Once finished, you may go to your site using https:// and verify that the SSL is working correctly.

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