Importing a SSL Certificate in cPanel

Importing a SSL Certificate in cPanel
This page will step you through the instructions to import SSL certificates. SSL certificate files formats include *.cert, *.pem, *. cPanel does not accept .pfx files for import. Follow the steps in the KB 

Steps to import the Certificate
1. Login to your cPanel Account (For instructions click here

2. Navigate to the Security Section and click  the SSL/TLS Manager icon. 

3. Under Certificates (CRT) click "Generate, view, upload or delete SSL certificates". 

4. Paste or upload your SSL certificate file. 
     a. Please note that the accepted file formats are .crt or .pem.
(To convert a .PFX file to a .pem you can convert using tools such as

5. Click Go Back
6. Your Certificate will now show as installed.

***This completes the steps***


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