Making a Payment in the Web Services Manager

Making a Payment in the Web Services Manager

This article will describe the steps on how to make a payment towards an unpaid invoice in the Web Services Manager. Once an invoice reaches its due date, the credit card on file will automatically be charged. If the charge is unsuccessful, we will try again 7 and 14 days later. You may need to follow this article if you have recently updated your credit card and need to pay an outstanding invoice.

Please note that if payment is not received 15 days after the due date, your services will be suspended and 10% late fee will applied to the invoice. 

Steps to pay an Invoice

1)  Navigate to and enter your Email Address and Password. Click Login.


2)  Select the Billing Tab on the left hand menu and select My Invoices. 

3)  Click on the numbered invoice on the left or View Invoice on the far right

4)  Click Pay Now.  If you have a credit on the account, you can choose to apply that credit to the invoice.

5)  Confirm and/or Update Billing Information and Charge your Credit Card

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