Restore a database in Plesk

Restore a database in Plesk

This page will describe the steps to import a database using the Backup Manager in Plesk. These page will assume that you already have a database created. If you need to create a new database See KB 1712.

Login to Plesk

You can access Plesk in a number of ways: 
  • Access Plesk through your Web Services Manager Hosting Panel
  • Using your domain name. Example:

Backup Manager

Once logged into Plesk,  click the Backup Manager link.

Database Backup Repository

1. Expand the More Actions drop down menu and select Database Backup Repository.


2. Click the Upload Backup File link


3. Select the database and backup file.
    This page will ask you to select the database you want to perform the backup on and also allow you to upload the back up file. This back up file typically ends in a .sql or .bak file extension. 


4. Confirm Restore of Database Backup.
    Check the Confirm Restoration checkbox and Click OK to proceed with the request.

Confirmation Message

The message below indicates a successful database restoration. This completes the process.

 If you receive the warning provided below, this means the import was completed but there has been an issue with orphaned users. This is something that our Support Teams will need to fix for you. Please Contact Us


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