Moving your Web Hosting Plan and Email from the WebControlCenter (WCC) to the Web Services Manager (WSM)

Moving your Web Hosting Plan and Email from the WebControlCenter (WCC) to the Web Services Manager (WSM)

This article will outline the steps involved to move your hosting plan and domain from the WebControlCenter to the Web Services Manager. Moving your hosting can feel as scary as moving into a new house. Rest assured that we will go into all the details to make sure its a success. Just a few notes before you get started:
  • The WebControlCenter and Web Services Manager are two different Control Panels and are not linked together.
  • When placing a new order for a Web Services Manager Shared Hosting Plan, you will create a new account that uses an email address you provide and password to login. 
  • Hosting Plans will be configured using cPanel or Plesk. These panels can be accessed inside the Web Services Manager.
  • The Web Services Manager only allows 1 credit card payment per WSM account. All products/services will be charged on that one credit card.
  • All WSM shared plans come with SmarterMail. 

Choose your new Web Services Manager Shared Plan 

Navigate to and select your new Plan. Shared Web Services Manage Plans include all:

Select your Domain Name Options when Placing your Order

Your Web Services Manager Shared Plan requires a domain name. Use the information below to properly make your domain selection.   
  • I want Newtek to register a new domain for me
    • Select this option if you want to register and manage a new domain name in the WSM.
    • Order form will ask for additional options such as ID protection or DNS management. For More information see KB 1694.
  • I want to transfer my domain to Newtek
    • If your domain is registered and managed in the WCC or another registrar, this is the recommended selection.
    • First you must Prepare your domain for Transfer. (Follow KB Article 1731 for instructions)
  • I will update my nameservers on an existing domain OR I will register a new domain
    • This selection would indicate that you are wanting to keep the domain name at it's current registar or you will register a new domain name later and point the name servers when ready.
    • If you make this selection, you can always transfer your domain to us later by following the KB Article 1731 for instructions.


Register your new Web Services Manager Account and Complete your Order

When registering a WSM account for the first time, be sure to complete the form in full. When selecting the Name, use the person that will represent the owner of the hosting plan. This will typically be the owner of the business. The email address that is inputted during the registration process wil receive important hosting welcome email information. This email address can be changed at any time after the order has been completed. Some helpful articles regarding your new Web Services Manage Account once registered:
  • How to Add/Configure Sub-accounts with permissions allowing for additional logins - See KB 1683
  • How to Update your Credit Card - See KB 1802
  • How to Submit a Verified Ticket - See KB 1732

Download your Web Site Files from the WCC 

Now you’re ready to download a copy of your web files from the WebControlCenter to your local computer.  To download a copy of your web files you will need your WCC FTP credentials and an FTP client. Below are some helpful articles to help get this accomplished:
  • How to locate my WebControlCenter FTP Credentials - See KB 775
  • How to use FileZilla to download my website files - See KB 397
FileZilla Screenshot:

Export your Database from the WCC (if applicable)

Your website may utilize a MySQL or MSSQL database which needs to be exported and transferred to your WSM Shared plan. The WebControlCenter has export tools that can help. If you’re unsure if you have a database See KB 1761. Below are some helpful articles on this subject:

Export your dedicated SSL Certificate from the WCC (if applicable)

If your website captures sensitive information such as a credit card number or registration information, you will most likely be using an SSL Certificate. Whether you have purchased a SSL certificate through us or another company, you will need to export that certificate so you can move it to the your new hosting plan. The instructions below will step you through the steps of exporting your SSL certificate into a *.PFX file format.




  • Navigate to the SSL Management Page.






  • Click "Get Certificate Now"



  • Locate your Installed Certificate and click "Export to PFX File". File will be downloaded to your local computer.

  • Enter a password and Click Submit to download your SSL certificate PFX file to your local computer.

Upload your Web Site Files to your new Web Services Manger Shared Plan

Now you’re ready to upload the web files to your your new Web Services Manager Shared Plan. Depending on the plan you ordered you will either be using a Plesk or cPanel to manage your hosting product. See your Hosting Account Welcome email for further instructions. To upload your web files you will need your Plesk or cPanel FTP credentials and use the FTP client again. Below are some helpful articles to help get this accomplished: Import/Restore your database to your new Web Services Manager Shared Plan 

It’s time to Import/Restore your database to your new Web Services Shared Plan. To do this you first need to create a new database. When creating the new database, try to use the previous database name, username and password. Once created, take note of the database server, username and password you used. Use the instructions below to assist in creating and restoring your database. 

Update your Configuration file for your database connection 

If your site uses a database, then you will need to update your configuration file with your new database server, username and password.  Common configuration files include wp-config.php, config.php, configuration.php, web.config, application.cfm and settings.php.

To update your configuration file, you can use an FTP client or use the File Manager code/text editor included in your Hosting Control Panel.

For example, the configuration file for WordPress is located in the root website folder called wp-config.php. Here is what the WordPress configuration looks like and the changes are highlighted in yellow.


// ** MySQL settings - You can get this info from your web host ** //

/** The name of the database for WordPress */

define('DB_NAME', 'newdatabasename');

/** MySQL database username */

define('DB_USER', 'newdatabaseusername');

/** MySQL database password */

define('DB_PASSWORD', 'newpassword');

/** MySQL hostname */

define('DB_HOST', 'localhost');

Verify your website works in your new WSM Plan 

Now that your files and/or databases have been moved over, it's time to test to make sure the site loads. If you registered a new domain name for this hosting plan, you can simply enter your domain name to test the site. Otherwise, you will want to use the IP address for cPanel plans or configure a shared SSL Certificate for Plesk plans. See the instructions below:
  • cPanel
    • Login to your cPanel Account (For instructions click here
    • On the left hand side under Stats locate your Dedicated IP Address in the list and copy that into your browser address bar.
  • Plesk
If you're moving a WordPress website, you can also add the code below in your wp-config.php file to allow you to access the wp-admin login page using your IP address. (Otherwise it will redirect to your domain name) Don't forget to to update this code with your domain name once you have the domain name pointing to your new plan:
define('WP_HOME','HTTP://IP ADDRESS');
Once you have verified that your site now loads you can skip to Transfer your Email if your site wasn't utilizing a SSL certificate.

Import your SSL Certificate
  • cPanel
  • Plesk
    • SSL Certificate installations must be done by completed by our Technical Support Team
    • Please Contact Us or Submit a Verified Ticket
      • Feel free to upload your certificate file to the root directory.  

Transfer your email
All of our Shared Web Hosting Plans include SmarterMail. This means that we can assist in transferring your existing email if you have many users and using alot of email storage space. If you want to transfer email yourself you can do that too. Keep in mind that moving your email does not mean that new email will go to your new hosting plan. That will only occur once you point your name servers to your new Web Services Shared Plan.

Update your Name Servers 
You're now ready to update your name servers at your registrar to point to your new Web Services Manager Shared Hosting Plan. Your name servers can be found on your Hosting Account Welcome emails. If your domain is registered with MelbourneIT you will need to contact us to update your name servers. If your domain name is registered elsewhere you will need to update the name servers with them.

Cancel your WCC hosting account

Once you have tested that your email and website is working, you are now ready to cancel your WebControlCenter account. To cancel, please follow See KB 17


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