Plan Change Compatibilities

Plan Change Compatibilities

As scripting languages and programs evolve, the methods to perform certain actions or procedures changes as well.  Some lines of code or methods to connect to a database may no longer be supported on our newer plans. This is because the company that develops the technology stops patching security holes in favor of adding additional support and security to the most recent versions.

In order to upgrade your hosting account you will need to update the code on your site to the new standards and upgrade any older databases.  With any upgrade we offer upgrade support and would be glad to have one of our developers review your code to ensure that the site will migrate.  For prices please feel free to contact us using the information in KB 1682.

ColdFusion Upgrades

The latest version of ColdFusion is ColdFusion 11.  While ColdFusion 10 and ColdFusion 9 plans are still supported, ColdFusion 8 has reached its end of life and is no longer supported by Adobe. Older versions are no longer being patched.  With ColdFusion each version can be drastically different and in many cases older scripts are no longer supported by the new versions.  We highly recommend having our developers perform a code review to ensure the code of your site will perform as intended on the new plans.


The newest version of MySQL is MySQL 5.  Older plans may have MySQL 4 databases that will need to be updated to MySQL 5 databases to meet the new plans requirements. 

To upgrade your MySQL database please refer to KB 927.


The newest version of Microsoft's MSSQL is MSSQL 2014.  MSSQL 2008, 2005, and 2000 are still supported on some of our older plan types however 2005 and 2000 are no longer supported by Microsoft.  As such, we recommend upgrading any 2000, 2005, and 2008 databases to the newer format. 

To upgrade your MSSQL database please refer to KB 1365.


Access is another Microsoft product.  Access was designed to be used as a stand alone database however, while it is not the most secure type of database, there is some functionality built in to connect to a website.  Access has been discontinued in favor or MSSQL.  If you would like to upgrade your hosting account you will need to convert your Access Database to a MSSQL database.

To convert your Access database to an MSSQL database please refer to KB 98.


Microsoft no longer supports FrontPage.  As such our newer servers do not support FrontPage extensions.  In order to change your plan we recommend that you disable FrontPage extensions before submitting the plan change to expedite the process.

To disable FrontPage extensions in the WebControlCenter follow the instructions below:

Server 2012 Requirements

Our newer servers run on the Server 2012 operating platform. This allows us several advantages over the older systems including IIS8.5 and allowing each customer to have their own allocation of the server resources or App Pool. As the Server 2012 plans are some of our newer plans they no longer support the following:
  • MSSQL 2008
  • MSSQL 2005
  • MSSQL 2000
  • MySQL 4
  • FrontPage

IP Change

With any type of plan change you will most likely change the IP address of your hosing account because you will be moving to a new server. If you are utilizing any outside DNS server instead of our name servers you will need to update the DNS records as soon as the plan change has been completed. You will receive the new IP address in the confirmation email sent after the plan change is complete.

If you are using our name servers then we will automatically make the necessary updates for you.
Shared SSL Change

If moved to a new server as a result of your change plan request, you will be assigned a new Shared SSL address. If you are utilizing the Shared SSL address in your code, you will need to update your code with the new address as soon as the plan change is complete.  Your new Shared SSL address will be sent in the confirmation email after the plan change is complete.

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