SmarterMail Mailbox Migration Tool

SmarterMail Mailbox Migration Tool

Individual users can use the mailbox migration tool within the SmarterMail interface to import existing email and collaboration data from most third-party mail servers or between our mail servers.

SmarterMail Navigation

The first step is to
log into SmarterMail.

Once logged into SmarterMail click the Settings icon.

Navigate to My Settings > Advanced Settings > Mailbox Migration.

Mailbox Migration Tool

The mailbox migration tool will open in a new window.

Select the Account Type, or choose Other. If you are migrating from one of our servers to another choose other.

Select the items you would like to migrate.

In the next step you will setup a connection to download your mail.  We recommended selecting IMAP without SSL. Always test the connection before submitting the request.

When you test the connection it will look like the following:

Ensure that everything that you would like to transfer is selected and click start.

Once the backup has been completed you will see the following:

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