Server Anti Spam Steps

When an email comes into our server we run it through vigorous checks to ensure our customer's and server's safety. These steps are detailed below:
  1. SMTP Connection to our server.
  2. Greylisting - For more information on this please see KB 1014.
  3. Email is delivered to our server.
  4. Our server scans the email for viruses.
  5. Commtouch - Scans for the likelihood of the message being SPAM.
  6. Spam filtering steps take place like Reverse DNS, SPF checks, domain keys, Baracuda, SpamCop, content filtering. 
  7. Email is delivered to the user's mailbox.
  8. A spam weight assigned based on the spam filter's results.  Any instructions from content filtering is also applied.
  9. Checks are run to see if the message was sent from a trusted sender or the same domain name. If this is the case the SPAM weight is set to zero.
  10. Action is taken based on the user-defined weight and content filtering settings.

Note: This is why content filtering takes effect even if a user is listed as a trusted sender.

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