Hosting Multiple Domains in cPanel

Hosting multiple domains in cPanel
cPanel makes it easy to host multiple domains under one hosting account. This is made possible through the use of Addon Domains and managing the redirects in Subdomains. Addon domains share the hosting account’s resources with the primary domain. These instructions will allow you to host multiple websites utilizing SEO friendly 301 redirects. 

Steps to host multiple domains in cPanel

Note: To follow the instructions on this page, a domain must be registered and pointing to Newtek's name servers listed in cPanel. 

1. Login into cPanel by going to, visiting the server address directly (ex or accessing cPanel through WHMCS by logging into

2. Select Addon Domains.  (You will see one of two cPanel themes depending on the server you're on)
3. Create an Addon Domain.

4. Select Document Root Location.

5. Create a Strong Password.

6. Click Home

Note:  If you're receiving an error message or having difficulty adding another domain in cPanel, please open a live chat or call our Technical Support Team at 1-877-323-4678.  

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