Name Servers and DNS Management

Name  Servers
Your host will provide designated Name Servers for your hosting account. The function of the Name Server is to  translate queries against your domain name to IP addresses and as such they act as a directory that is responsible for routing traffic for your domain.

Example: If you are hosting your domain via WSM you'll want to use and

DNS Management

The DNS Management feature provides you with an interface through WSM where you are able to forward the domain to another domain, a  different IP Address, or just point to a temporary page (known as Parking), and more. These records are also known as sub-domains. This feature would commonly be used by customers who are not hosting their domain via WSM. See Sample DNS Management Tool Records.
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Note: If you wish to take advantage of the DNS Managment Option. The Name Servers should remain as,, and
If you have enabled the DNS Management option on your account, you can access it by clicking the DNS Management link in the Management tool area of the Domain Details page through the Domains tab of the Web Service Manager Client Area as illustrated below.
2.  Click Domains.  
3. Click My Domains
4. Click the Manage link for the Domain whose DNS you wish to Manage.
5. In the Nameservers tab, verify that you are using "Custom Name Servers" and that the name servers are the default Name Servers as indicated in the image below. If any changes were made, be sure to save them by clicking the "Change Nameservers" button at the foot of the page.
    * (,,
6. From the Management Tool menu, click  Manage DNS to being adding records.

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