Logging into Newtek Client Portal

Newtek Client Portal

This is the website used to manage your hosting products and services with Newtek. To log into your Newtek Client Portal area you will your email address and password. 

1. Navigate to https://manage.newtekwebhosting.com and click the Account button to select Login.


2. Enter your Email Address and Password, then click Login.
Your Email Address would be the address that was used when registering/ordering your first hosting product or service. We recommend that you use the search function in your email client or web mail service (i.e. Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, etc.) and search the subject "Welcome" to locate the email. 

** If you do not remember your account password, see our Knowledge base article on how to "Request a Password Reset"

3. You have now successfully logged into your Newtek Client Portal Account. You will see the following Welcome Page and menu options to start managing your account.


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