Newtek's Name Servers


WebCC Name Servers

To view the name servers that are assigned to your hosting plan, please log into your account at
Visit DNS > DNS Zone Admin 
Select your domain from the list dropdown and hit the GO button in the top-right corner
You will see your plan's assigned name servers at the top 
The options are as follows for WebControlCenter Plans
Web Control Center Primary Secondary

WHM CloudLinux Name Servers 

The Name Servers for your CloudLinux hosting plan including any Linux account uses the following set of Name Servers 
Cloud Linux Name Servers Primary Secondary


Plesk Name Servers

The Plesk Name Servers are going to correspond with the Plesk Server you are hosted on. These can be found in your account 
While Logged into the account click on Services > My Service
Select your ASP.NET hosting package and under the Manage Product Page you will see your assigned name servers 
The table below is listed as follows 
Plesk Server Primary Secondary


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