Account Security

In today’s technical world where ID Theft and Social Engineering are prevalent, we take the security of your account information seriously. If under any circumstance, we need to access non-public information on an account, we will verify the person requesting our customer service and support.  

(If you are unsure of which Web Hosting Account you have subscribed to, please click on the WebControlCenter Account or WHMCS Account links below to view their Login interfaces.) 


 Our normal verification requirements for Phone and Chat:  

  • For WebControlCenter Accounts : Domain Name/Customer Identification Number (CID) and Account Security PIN. If the Authorized Users feature has been setup, an Authorization Code can be sent by email or text in lieu of the password.
  • For WHMCS Accounts: Email and 4 digit pin 


Our normal verification requirements for Email Tickets:   

  • For WebControlCenter Accounts: You can submit a verified email through the WebControlCenter (WCC), which verifies your access to the account, by submitting a Verified Ticket. See KB 946
  • For WHMCS Accounts: You can submit a verified ticket, which verifies your access to the account, by submitting your email through the WHM Client Area, See KB 1732.

For the most efficient and effective customer service and support, please know your verification requirements listed above or if sending an email use a verified ticket. If you have forgotten them, please contact us.


 Hours of Operation

Billing: The Billing Department is available Monday through Friday, from 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Arizona Time) (GMT -7), for billing inquiries and account management.

Technical Support: Technical Support is available 24/7/365 for all technical questions such as email setup, domain management, CMS installation, user names, DNS and other technical items.

Sales: Sales is available Monday through Friday, from 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Arizona Time) (GMT -7) for all sales inquiries.



Toll-Free for U.S. & Canada: 1 (877) 323-HOST (4678)
International: (602) 263-0300
Fax: (602) 263-0600



(Remember when emailing us, to do so through a verified ticket as described above in the Account Security Section. A verified ticket gives us access to your account, so that we can process your requests.)


Technical Support:



Live Chat

Live Chat is available through our website at by clicking the Live Chat Link in the upper right corner.


Mailing & Billing Address

Newtek Technology Solutions
2550 W. Union Hills Drive
Suite 390
Phoenix, AZ 85027 USA

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