Shared SSL Certificate

Maximum website encryption protection. Shared SSL (Secure Socket Layer) offers an economic way to protect data and ecommerce transactions on your website. A SSL certificate is a digital cert that encrypts information sent between your website visitor's browser and the server your website files reside on. Thus, your customer's data, including credit card information, email address, passwords, and other personal information, will be safe and secure.

A page utilizing SSL will utilize https:// in the URL and include a padlock icon in the status bar of the browser. These provide visible indication to your website user that a secure session in progress and that their data will be encrypted when traveling between their Internet browser and your web server.  

The majority of our hosting plans include Shared SSL at no additional charge. To see if your hosting plan supports the use of our Shared SSL certificate, login to the WebControlCenter and from the menu item Site, click on Site Overview.

If your plan supports a shared certificate, the link you will need to use to utilize Shared SSL will be found  in the SSL Overview sectionon the Site Overview page.

The Shared SSL link uses the domain name in the following format:

where the ## is the number of the server that you are on (5588 in the example pictured above) and EXAMPLE is the domain name (csr-test in the example) without the extension (.com, .net), followed by a forward slash and the relative path to the page (e.g. /page.htm).

Thus, in this example, a login page would appear as in the URL. A page in an online store would use
To use our Shared Certificate, upload files to your website regularly, but utilize the shared certificate path to access them from a browser.

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