Why is my Newtek Cart running slow?

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This fix will resolve a slowness issue caused by the PHP Function GetHostByAddr() with Newtek Cart. 

This function has been disabled on our servers due to inherit issues with the function's coding. It places a CPU lag on the servers in our environment when it uses its DNS reverse lookup.  

To continue using the function, you can either replace it (recommended) with GetHostByName or use a custom GetHostByAddr(). 

The GetHostByAddr function causes an inherit slowness (roughly four seconds) in all calls that are made of it. The fix is to replace GetHostByAddr ($ip) found in the cart directory/content/engine/engine_statistics.php
with the function "GetHostByName($ip)" to prevent cart users from losing the IP logging ability within the Newtek Cart. We have replaced all engine_statistics.php files with a corrected version if you had the cart prior to the change. If you need or would like to replace this file without changing the code, you can find the file here for download: engine_statistics.rar

For more information on this issue, please see the PHP's Manual on this function at: http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.gethostbyaddr.php.

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