Adding Debugging to Your ColdFusion Application

Here is a basic overview of how to add debugging information to each request in ColdFusion. This should work for version 9. 

You can add detailed debugging information to the end of the request and have only yourself or your developer able to see it. All other visitors will not see this information.

To achieve this, you will first need to find your external IP to allow access. This can be done by visiting a site like and copying the IP address at the top of the page.

Next, you will need to find your root Application.CFC/CFM and add the follow line to the appropriate location:

<cfset this.debuggingipaddresses="YOUR_EXTERNAL_IP,ANOTHER_EXTERNAL_IP">

Add Robust Exceptions for all requests:

PLEASE NOTE: This will show Robust Exceptions to everyone that accesses the server while this is set. Make sure you turn this off when not needed because your website will not be PCI compliant, and it will give out details you might not want to provide.

You can allow robust exceptions to be shown on all requests by adding a line to your Application.CFC/CFM. You will need to ensure that Detailed Errors is configured in IIS so that you don’t receive a basic IIS error.

If you feel that it is not configured correctly or you’re unsure, please review the following Knowledge Base article, How Do I Connect To My Site with IIS7 Manger? (if you are on Server 2008/IIS 7). You can also contact Technical Support for assistance.

<cfset this.enablerobustexception="yes">

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