How To Add a New Third-Party SSL Certificate to Your Domain

WebControlCenter no longer supports self-generated CSRs, for assistance with a third-party SSL certificate please contact Newtek Technical Support by one of the following methods -
We offer Trustwave SSL certificates, which can installed through the WebControlCenter automatically. However, a SSL certificate from a third-party certificate provider can be installed through our control panel as well.

Please see Knowledge Base Article #767 for instructions on how to order a Trustwave SSL certificate through our SSL Management Tool. 

**Please NOTE: There will be an installation fee of $20.00 for an SSL not purchased through our SSL Management Tool. This charge is for certificate installation only and does not include what the certificate provider will charge you for the SSL certificate.**
To install a third-party SSL certificate, follow these steps:

1. If you have not already, login to the WebControlCenter to use the SSL Certificate Management tool. 

2. From the menu item Ecommerce, highlght Security Services and click on SSL Management


Before a SSL certificate can be produced correctly by the certificate provider, they need to know specific information about the web server that the website is on. This information is generated within this tool and entered into a Certificate Signing Request (CSR).

3. Click on the option to Generate CSR in the SSL certificate table.

4. Select your Country from the drop down box and click next.

5. Next, you will need to complete the following form. (Below is an example form with a description of each required field.)

NOTE: Please do not use abbreviations or symbols.

Common name: Enter the domain name that you will be securing here. Most certificates are meant to be used for one domain name and one prefix only. For example, in where "" is your domain name, the "www" is the prefix. You can create a certificate for an extra domain by putting that domain name into the common name field, however you can only have one SSL certificate per hosting plan.

Organization: Enter the name of the organization that owns the domain name (as specified with the registrar). Please do not use abbreviations or commas.

Organization Unit: Enter the name of the department within your company that will have the most interaction with the SSL pages.

City: Enter the city where the business is located.

State/Province: Chose your state or province from the drop-down menu.

Email Address: An email address is not used in the certificate itself, but we may need it to contact you for more information.

Bit Length: Select your specific bit lenght for your certificate: 1024, 2048 (default), or 4096. To learn more about bit length, read Knowledge Base Article #1574.

6. Click on the next button 


**Please NOTE: There is a $20.00 installation fee for a SSL certificate not purchased through us. This charge is for the certificate installation only. It does not include what the third-party provider charges for the certificate.**

7. Click yes to agree to the fee and your CSR will be generated in real time.


PLEASE NOTE: You will need to provide this CSR to your Certificate Authority (the company providing your SSL cert). Copy the CSR into a text pad program (i.e. WordPad) as this file will need to be provided to the Certificate Authority.

8. Click on the finish button after you have copied and saved the CSR. 

9. You will next need to provide your Certificate Authority (the company you purchased your SSL certificate from) with the CSR. The Certificate Authority will require this to issue your SSL cert.  When the certificate is issued, they will provide you with two files: a website certificate file and a root certificate file.

10. You can then return to the Certificate Management tool within the WebControlCenter to install the SSL certificate. 

  1. Open the certificate file (you can use a text pad program, like WordPad) so that you can see the content.
  2. Click the Install Certificate button in the SSL Certificate table.
  3. You'll be prompted to accept the one-time installation fee. The fee is $20.00
  4. Copy and paste the certificate that is labeled with ----BEGIN CERTIFICATE---- into the text box.
  5. Click on the Submit button. This process will install the certificate in real time.

NOTE: If your certificate is labeled with ----BEGIN PKCS7----, you'll need to Contact Us and work with our technical support department to help you install this certificate.

Once fully installed, you can test your certificate by browsing to where "" is your domain name or the common name that was used for generating the CSR.

If you experience any issues or discrepancies while installing your SSL certificate, please send a ticket to Support with a description of the issue. For instructions on submitting a Verified ticket to Support, please see How to Submit a Verified Ticket.

** Most of our hosting plans have access to a shared SSL certificate. A shared SSL fundamentally works the same as your own, but has a generic domain name. See Knowledge Base Article #158 for more details. **


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