Add Mod-Rewrite to IIS7

Add Mod-Rewrite to IIS7

Mod-rewrite is available on our Windows Server 2008 plans.  For added security the module for mod-rewrite is not added by default but for those customers that would like to utilize a .htaccess file it's simple to enable with IIS7 Manager.

Using IIS7 Manager

In order to use the Mod-Rewrite module on your site, please follow the instructions below to allow this functionality.

First connect to your site using the IIS7 Manager. If you do not have IIS7 Manager please use the previous link to download the program and connect to your instance of IIS.

Once you have connected to your site with the IIS7 Manager, open the handler mappings Snap-In.

From the Actions menu on the right, click the Add Wildcard Script Map as illustrated in the image below..

Add the following information to the Handler Mapping when prompted.
  • Request path: *
  • Executable: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\inetsrv\imodrewi.dll (for 32-bit applications) or
  • Executable: C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv\imodrewi.dll (for 64-bit applications)
  • The actual name can be anything you choose, buy you may want to name it Mod-Rewrite for easier reference.

To see if you are using a 32 or 64 bit application on your site, login into the WebControlCenter. Navigate to IIS > App Pool Manager:

In the Application Pool Manager, you will see Application Pool bitness. You can also change it by selecting a different bit pool, and then clicking on Recycle Application Pool.

See illustration below for a 32-bit example:

Once the Wildcard Script Map has been added to your site, you should now see it listed in the Handler Mapping Snap-In as illustrated below.

If you see Mod-Rewrite listed you should now be able to utilize Mod-Rewrite functionality on your site.

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