Price display issue on product pages for Newtek Cart version 3.6.4

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On Newtek Cart version 3.6.4, there is an bug that causes an undefined message to display instead of the actual price for products.  This issue only occurs for products priced over $999 and when viewing them on any version of Internet Explorer. 

This issue does not occur when viewing products on Firefox or Safari.

To fix this issue, you will need to upload the following file into the cart application using the File Manager (Uploading the file via FTP will not work).

>>Download the file here: (the download will be a zip file, which you will need to "unzip" before uploading it to the cart)

Instructions for uploading

1.  Log into the Newtek Cart as an administrator (e.g.

2.  Go to Cart Settings, then select File Manager.

3.  Click Launch File Manager.

4.  Click the Content folder.

5.  Within the Content folder, click Skins.

6.  Within the Skins folder, click on the skin your cart is currently using (if you plan on using other skins, you will want to upload the new file to those as well).

7.  Click Choose File, then select the file you downloaded (at the top of this article) from your own computer.

8.  Click Upload File.

9.  You will be prompted with a warning verifying that you do want to replace the existing file with the same name.  Click Yes.

10.  Prices above $999 should now show correctly on Internet Explorer.

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