How to authenticate your account for Live Chat

So that you're not required to provide your account login information over Live Chat (your Customer ID number and account password), you have the option of logging into our help website first, which will mark you as authenticated when you're connected with a Newtek Representative through the Live Chat client.

1. To log into our help site, visit the home page of this website (, then enter your Customer ID and account password.  If you are not able to locate your Customer ID or account password, please see our KB article on login help.

2. If this is your first time logging into the help website, you'll be greeted with your "My Settings" page.  From here, be sure to update your name, email address, and time zone.  Then click "Save."

3. After you click Save, you'll be sent a verification email where you'll need to click the verification link.  If you do not receive the verification email, return to the help site and click the "preferences" link, which will return you to the "My Settings" page.

4. Then click "Re-send Verification" email.

5. From this point on, all you will need to do to speak with a representative over Live Chat, and be authenticated, is log into the help site, and click on the Live Chat icon.

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