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When conducting a SEO campaign, it may be beneficial to find out who SEO tactics your competition used to attain their search engine rankings.  The competitor suggestion tool can help you identify websites that may be competing for search engine traffic.

NOTE:  To use the competitor suggestion tool, you will need to have a list of keywords or phrases for which you think people are searching to visit your website.  The competitor suggestion tool will use these phrases to suggest websites that might be competing for visitors and/or market share.

To use the competitor suggestion tool:

1.  Log into SmarterStats as an administrator.

2.  Click "SEO Reports" from the top menu.

3.  Expand the "Research" node and click "Competitor Suggestions."

4.  Click "Get Suggestions."

5.  In the keywords field, type the keywords that you would use to search for your website or a competitor's site.  Then click "OK."  A list of suggested competitor websites will load in the content pane.

Also, form here you can:

Add Competitors -- Click to add the selected competitor to an SEO campaign.

Email -- Click to email the list of suggested keywords to the desired recipient(s).

Export -- Click to export the list of suggested keyword to a CSV or TAB format.

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