Creating Page Aliases

Site administrators can create aliases for pages by replacing the page URL with a friendly name. For example, a site administrator may change the longer URL /smartertools/products/smarterstats/pricing.aspx to "SmarterStats Pricing," making it easier to identify in reports. This feature is especially usedful when using dynamic pages, which can have cryptic or numerical variables such as ProductID=37.

To access this section, click "Settings" in the top menu.

Then expand the Site Settings folder and click "Page Aliases."

The page aliases settings will load in the content pane. To add a new page alias, click New in the actions toolbar.

To edit a page alias, select the desired page alias and click Edit in the actions toolbar.

The following options will be available:

Page - The page for which the alias is created.

Page Alias - The friendly name of the page.

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