How to stop your spam filter from overriding your content filter

Does this scenario sound like your problem?...

So you've set up your content filter to take a certain action.  As an example, let's say there's an important newsletter you receive every month that you want your content filter to move to your "important" sub-folder. 

But, for some reason, your content filter is ignoring the newsletter and not moving it to your "important" folder like you want it to.  However, you do notice that the message is being marked as spam on some level (as shown in the message subject line), such as "Spam-low", "Spam-medium", or "Spam-high".

Here's the problem

In SmarterMail, your email messages will only follow one filter action.  So, if any of your messages get marked as any level of spam, it WILL NOT follow any of your content filter rules.  It will essentially ignore your content filter rules at that point.

Here's the solution

If you don't want your spam filter to interfere with your content filter checking, you'll need to instruct your spam filter to take NO ACTION on any of your messages, then have your content filter take over the responsibility of managing your spam.

This is possible because even when you set your spam filter to take no action, spam weights are still being assigned to your messages behind the scenes.  And because your content filter can be configured to prioritize rules in a hierarchy, you can make your content filter first check if a message is your "important newsletter" before it checks to see if it's "spam."

Here's how to do it.

First, let's set your spam filter to take no action on any of your messages.

Log into your email account.  You can access your login page at (substitute "" with your domain name). 

*Note that this article show you how to change these settings on the user level only.  To make these same changes across all users on your domain, you'll want to log into your mail account as an admin user, then make the changes under the "Domain Settings" area instead of the "My Settings" area that this article walks you through.

Once logged in, Click the "Settings" menu option, then go to My Settings > Filtering > Spam Filtering.

Then, click the "Override spam settings for this account" radio button.

Click the Actions tab, then change the action for "Low Probability", "Medium Probability", and "High Probability" of being spam to No Action.

Don't forget to click "Save."

Now you'll need to create your new content filter rules that will handle spam messages.  From the Settings Menu, go to My Settings > Filtering > Content Filtering.

In our example scenario earlier, we already had a content filter rule set up.  So now we'll need add one or more content filter rules for spam.  "One or more" depending if you want your content filter to handle different levels of spam differently.  For example, you may want to allow messages with a low probability of spam to go to your normal inbox, and you may want medium and high probability messages to be sent to your junk mail folder.  Or you may even want your high probability spam messages to be deleted.  Once you know how you want to handle different spam levels, you'll create your new rules accordingly.

In this example, we will show you how to set up your content filter to send low probability spam to your inbox and your medium and high probability spam to your junk folder.

On the Content Filtering screen, click "New."

You'll now be on the first page of the content filtering wizard.  Expand the "Other" node, then click the checkbox for "Spam Probability."  Then click "Next."

On the next step of the Wizard, you'll want to select the "And" radio option, and set the Spam Probability to "Low or Above."  Then click "Next."

Now, you'll need to give this rule a name.  To make it easy to identify, you may want to name it "Spam Low," or something similar.  Because in this example we want to keep low probability spam in our inbox, the only action we're going to take here is append a prefix to the subject line just so we can identify it as as low-spam message in our inbox.  To do this, click the "Prefix Subject" checkbox, then provide the prefix you want added to all low probability spam.  For example, you could use "Spam-low:".  Then click "Save."

Now you'll see all of your content filtering rules listed. 

It is important that you place your spam-related rules below your other content filter rules.  As we mentioned earlier, in SmarterMail your messages will only follow one filter action.  So once your content filter sees your "important newsletter" come in, and then moves it to your "important" folder like you instructed it to, you won't have to worry about any spam rule you've set up interfering with it. Be sure to use the black arrowheads to move rules into the order/hierarchy you want them to be in.

Now, to continue what we wanted to do in our example, we'll need to create another rule to move medium & high probability spam to your junk mail folder.  On the Content Filtering page, click "New" again.

On the first step of the wizard, again select the "Spam Probability" checkbox.

Select the "And" radio option, then on the drop down menu, select "Medium or Above."  Then click Next.

Provide a name for this rule, then click the "Move Message" checkbox and change the drop down option to "Junk."  If you also want to add a Prefix to the subject line, you'll do that on this page as well. Then click "Save."

Again, you'll now see all of your Content Filter rules.  Move the order of your rules as needed.

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