How to change site user file permissions in the WebControlCenter

To change a site user's file permissons (i.e. add or remove "read," "write," "execute," or "delete" permissions for any of your site users), first log into the WebControlCenter at
For login help, please see our KB article on this subject.

1.  Go to the File Permissions page, which is located under the "Site" Menu.

2.  On the File Permissions page, you have the option to specify which directory you would like the permissions to apply to.

3.  Once you've selected a directory (or you can keep it on the root directory, which is selected by default), click "Edit" for the Username you'd like to modify.

4.  Click the appropriate boxes to either add or remove "Read," "Write," "Execute," or "Delete" permissions for your selected user.  If you would like to apply the permissions to all sub folders/files, click the bottom checkbox for that action.  Then click Save.

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