SmarterMail 7.x - How to log into the SmarterMail Web Interface for the first time [Text & Video]

To access your web mail account, simple visit (replace with your domain name).

You will see a login screen, which will ask for your email address and password.

If this is your first time logging into your mail account, you will need to use the username you set up your account with during the ordering process.  For example, if you selected the username "example1234" as your username, your Admin Email address would be (again, replace with your domain name).

Alternately, you can also access your Admin Email account through the WebControlCenter.

For help on how to log into the WebControlCenter, please see our article on login help.

Once logged in, from the Menu options go to Mail > Mail Admin.

Then click "Login as Admin."

Logging into SmarterMail for the first time (the video tutorial assumes your web browswer is pointed at; be sure to replace with your actual domain name in the URL).

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