Advanced Tax Setup in Newtek Cart

Isolated Sandbox to test your ecommerce solutions 1. Log into your Admin area of the Newtek Cart.

2. Under "Cart Settings," go to "Edit Taxes."

3.  Click the "Switch to Advanced Mode" link () to use the advance setting for taxes.  This setting will give you more control over creating taxes.

4.  Define settings for the tax you are creating under the "Edit Tax Settings" tab.

5.  "Default Tax Country" and "Default Tax State" are used to calculate taxes on product page(s) before users log in for VAT.

6.  Add a tax zone under "Edit Tax Zones" tab.  Create a zone then click on the pencil icon to add counties and states to the zone.

7.  Please note that without defining the zone (county and state details for zone), taxes will not work.

8.  Add class under the "Edit Tax Classes" tab.  Class is nothing but a group of products that you can use to define taxes.  Classes allow you to apply different tax rates to different products.  Create a class then click on the pencil icon to add products to the class.

9.  The final step is to Edit Tax Rates.  Click on the "Add a New Tax Rate" link to add a tax rate to a zone.  Choose an appropriate zone and class for the rate.

10.  If tax is applicable for all site users, then select all check boxes under the "Apply to" section.

11.  The "Apply to" section allows you to define a different tax for different types of users, or can eliminate any kind of user from a tax rule.

12.  After you complete this page, you should now have a working tax scheme setup.

*Note, for any countries other than the US and Canada, you will need to populate your own countries list.

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