Changing stylesheets in Newtek Cart

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If you would like to modify the content style sheets manually, all of the css files are located in the /skins/flat/styles folder. There you will see 3 files.

1) styles_templates.css – This is the css template file. It defines the styles template (or base for result css). Newtek Cart uses this file to generate the "final" css file.
2) styles.css – This is the generated css file. It is based on styles_templates.css file, but there is the option to replace fonts and colors tags with values from your cart settings.
3) fonts.conf – contains font settings for most of the elements in your cart

There are 2 ways how to add custom styles to your cart.

1) Backup your .css file by renaming it. This prevents the need to change index.html to use a different file. If you create a separate css file, and define your styles there, don't forget to call this file from index.html
2) You can edit styles_templates.css, and add your styles there. But you must use the same programming style already in place. Note – this is a template file and it has special tags and commands for the Smarty templates engine (you can learn more about smarty at

Please note: Some of these files are written to/from the cart software. Your changes will only remain as long as site colors or fonts are not edited in the Newtek Cart admin area.

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