Getting Started: Selling products online

**Note, in order to set up a Shop through the Newtek SiteCenter, you must be on a plan that supports it.  If you are on a plan that does not support it, and you would like this feature, please contact a sales representative.

I.  Accepting Payments Online

One of the best features of the Newtek SiteCenter is that payment enabling your website and setting up an online shop is extremely simple.  You can literally set up a Shop Page and start selling products in a couple of minutes.

First, however, in order for your business to accept credit card transactions through your website, you'll need to acquire two different services.  First, you will need a merchant account.  A merchant account is, in essence, a bank account that enables a business to accept payments via credit and/or debit cards, and also serves as an agreement between you (the retailer) and the merchant bank for the settlement of the card transactions.

You will also need to acquire the services of a Payment Gateway provider.  Unlike a brick-and-mortar establishment, which can process credit card transactions in person through a POS terminal, a Payment Gateway serves as the terminal that approves the transaction.  If you set up a shop page through the SiteCenter, we currently support the following Payment Gateways:


If you would like to speak with a Newtek representative about applying for a Merchant Account (as well as acquiring a Payment Gateway service), or if you have any questions at all about accepting payments online, please call 1.877.323.4678 (602.263.0300 in Arizona), option 1, or email us at

II. Selling Products Online

In order to sell products on your website (created through the Newtek SiteCenter) you'll need to add a Shop Page.  For step-by-step instructions on how to add a Shop Page, see our article on this subject.

For online retailers with a larger demand, you may want to consider the Newtek Cart.  The Newtek Cart is an extremely powerful shopping cart application that can run a large-scale, high-volume online store.  If you'd like to learn more about this or any other ecommerce option, please contact our sales department at 1.877.323.4678 (602.263.0300 in Arizona), option 1, or via email at

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