How to create a shop page on your site through the Newtek SiteCenter

**NOTE: In order to set up a shop through the Newtek SiteCenter, you must be on a plan that supports it. If you are on a plan that does not support it, and you would like to utilize this feature, please contact a sales representative.

This article assumes that you are able to log into your Newtek SiteCenter account.  For help, please see our article on how to log into the Newtek SiteCenter.

1.  Once logged into the Newtek SiteCenter, which will default to the Website Manager page, click "Add a New Page."

2.  Enter a name you would like to call your shop page, then click "Submit."

3.  Once back on the Website Manger page, click the "Edit" link for the page you just created.

4.  When you create a new page, by default it will be an "Under Construction" page.  On this step of the process, you'll be prompted to confirm that you'd like to proceed with editing this page.

5.  Now you'll need to select the page type.  Select "Shop Page," then click "Submit."

6.  Next, you'll need to set up some basic details as well as your Payment Gateway choice.  If you do not have merchant account or a Payment Gateway service, see our article on how to accept payments on your website.  If you already have a gateway provider, select the supported gateway from the drop down menu.  You will also need to select a shipping calculation, unit of weight for your products, the currency you process payments in, and whether or not you need to apply tax to your product sales.  Once filled out, click "Submit."

7.  On the Shipping Details page, provide your gateway credentials, currency, your shipping rate, then click "Submit."

8.  Now you'll be able to select a layout for your shop page.  Select the preferred option, then click "Submit."

9.  Now you'll need to enter the details for the first product on your shop page.  Once completed, click "Submit."

10.  You'll then see a preview of how your product will appear on your site.

11.  From here, you can either go back and "Edit" the product details, add a new product, or approve the shop page.

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