How to add a blog to your site using the Newtek SiteCenter

This article assumes that you are able to log into your Newtek SiteCenter account.  For help, please see our article on how to log into the Newtek SiteCenter.

1.  Once logged into the Newtek SiteCenter, you will see on the left-hand-side column an option for "Goodies & Addons."

2.  After clicking "Goodies & Addons," you'll see a page full of additional options you can incorporate into your website, one of which is a Blog Page.  Click the "Blog Zone" icon.

3.  You will then need to sign up for a Newtek BlogZone account, which you'll use to easily post to your blog without having to use the Newtek SiteCenter.


4.  After you've signed up for a Newtek BlogZone account, you'll see the following "Success" confirmation.

5.  You'll then be sent to the BlogZone portal, where you'll be able to add a new blog, or choose a blog you've already created (meaning you'll be coming back to this same portal where you'll select which of your blogs you'd like to work on from a drop down menu, as shown below).

To create your blog, click "Add a New Blog."

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