How to change your website's theme using the Newtek SiteCenter

This article assumes that you are able to log into your Newtek SiteCenter account.  For help, please see our article on how to log into the Newtek SiteCenter.

1.  Once logged into the Newtek SiteCenter, which will default to the Website Manager page, click the "Change / Edit template" link.

2.  Click the "Try Another Template" button.

3.  You'll now see all available website themes under the category your existing theme is categorized under.  When you hover over any of the listed thumbnails, a larger preview will appear.  If you like any of the available themes this category, select one of the default color schemes, then click "Choose Design."


4.  If  you would like to change the category you are viewing, or if you'd like to broaden or refine your search, at the top of the page you'll see the option to each "Change Category" or to perform a "Advanced Search."


5.  When performing the Advanced Search, you can search specific color schemes as well as search keywords for images.

6.  Once you've found a theme you'd like to go with, click the "Submit Changes" button.

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