How to add a page to your website using the Newtek SiteCenter

This article assumes that you are able to log into your Newtek SiteCenter account.  For help, please see our article on how to log into the Newtek SiteCenter.

You have two options to learn! Watch the video, or scroll down for the article version below.



1.  Once logged into the Newtek SiteCenter, which will default to the Website Manager page, click the "Add a New Page" link.

2.  You will have two options when creating a new page for your website.  You can either choose from a list of popular and commonly used page names, or you can simply enter a name for your new page.  This will be the name that appears on the navigation links throughout your site.

3.  If you choose "popular page names," you will be provided a list of business-centric and personal page names.  If you would like to use any of these names, click "add" for that name.

5.  If you prefer to enter your own page name, simply enter the name you want in the text field, then click "Submit."  Your page will now be created and will be listed on the Website Manager page.

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