How can I add images for the Sub Categories in my Newtek Cart?

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If you want to add default images for sub categories you create in Newtek Cart you will need to modify the cart's code. While this may sound intimidating, it's really pretty simple as you only need to add two lines to the cart's catalog file.

1. The file you need to modify is "catalog.html" and it is located in "/content/skins/flat/catalog.html"
2. Open the file with a text editor (notepad.exe, for example) or your development environment (e.g., Dreamweaver).
3. You will want to find the following code: {$|htmlspecialchars} - it will appear at about line 20 of the catalog.html file.
4. Paste the following code AFTER the text above:
            <img src="{$subcat.img}" alt="{$|htmlspecialchars}" width="{$CatalogThumbSize}"
5. TIP: Just prior to uploading the modified file, open your FTP client and navigate to the "/content/skins/flat" folder of your cart, and rename the existing "catalog.html" file to "catalog.html.old" - this makes it easy to reverse the code changes in case they don't do what you want them to do.
6. Save the file with your code changes and upload it to your cart.
7. Test the cart's behavior to make sure it performs as expected.
8. If the cart does what you want it to, you're done! If not, you can simply remove the ".old" extension from the original file and the cart will go back to its original behavior.

NOTE: any time you modify code within an application you're using there is a real possibility that those changes will be erased with a future update of that application by the vendor. Therefore, make sure you make detailed notes of what changes you make and to which files so that, should an update erase your hard work, you can go back and recreate your changes. 

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