Adding the Linkpoint Certificate to the Newtek Cart

Isolated Sandbox to test your ecommerce solutions payment gateway requires a digital certificate to send/recieve payment transaction data. This certificate file is provided by when amerchant account is activated. If you have a LinkPoint API account, you should have received a "Welcome email" when the merchant account was opened.

At the very end of the message (embedded in the email text) will be the digital certificate, which is your pem file. Follow the instructions given in the email exactly to save the digital certificate into a file with a .pem extension. Note the location (path) to the pem file.

If you no longer have this email, you will need to contact LinkPoint (which is now First Data Global Gateway) at 1-800 456-5989 X4100.

When you get this file, rename it to "certificate.pem".Then open your favorite FTP client and upload the file onto yoursite or to the directory your Newtek Cart is located.

The folder to upload to is content/engine/payment/linkpoint/certificate.pem

If you have any problems with setup, please let us know.

Additional information regarding Linkpoint Certificates can be found within your account area at

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