SmarterMail Default Spam Filtering Settings

There are a number of spam filters and 'Spam Lists' that an email message must pass through before making it to your mailbox--this is the built-in system we have in place that prevents a large majority of spam email from getting through.  Depending on what these various filters determine, a 'weight' is assigned to a message depending on how likely it is to be spam.  If a particular message is unlikely to be spam, the filters and spam lists will cumulatively assigned it a low (or no) weight.  On the other hand, a high weight is assigned to a message with a high likelihood of being unwanted spam.

Below are the default settings across all shared mail servers. If you would like to override these default settings (custom spam settings), please see our article on this subject.

Default Spam Settings

Reverse DNS - 15

SPF Pass - 0

SPF Fail - 30

SPF Soft Fail - 10

SPF Neutral - 0

SPF Invalid Record - 0

SPF None - 0

DomainKeys Pass - 0

DomainKeys Fail - 0

DomainKeys None - 0

DKIM Pass -  -10

DKIM Fail -  30

RBL: Barracuda BRBL - 20

RBL: SpamCop - 15

Note: All mail servers also utilize Commtouch Premium Antispam, which also come with its own 'weights.'  For more information about Commtouch, please see our article on the subject.

Default Actions:

Low Probability of Being Spam







Medium Probability of Being Spam




MoveToFolder Junk Mail

High Probability of Being Spam




MoveToFolder Junk Mail

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