How to set up automatic email forwarding (for email users)

*Note, this article provides instruction on how to set up email forwarding for email users.  If you are an email account administrator, and would like instruction on how to set up email fowarding for any user under the domain, please see our article on this subject for email administrators.

1.  Log in to your email account through the webmail interface, located at (replace "" with your domain name).  You will need to log in with your full email address and password.  If you do not know your email password, please contact your account administrator.

2.  Once logged into SmarterMail, click "Settings."

3.  Expand the "My Settings" node (if not already expanded).

4.  Under "My Settings," click "Account Settings."

5.  On Account Settings, click the "Forwarding" tab.

6.  Enter the email address(es) you would like for your email to be forwarded to.  If entering multiple email addresses to forward to, separate each address with a semi-colon ";".

7.  If you would like to have your emails deleted from this account after forwarding, click the "Enable deletion of messages on forward" box.

8.  Click "Save."

Important Note:

Currently, automatic forwarding is not allowed to any AOL, Comcast and Compuserve email addresses. While you can still manually send emails to, or addresses, auto forwards to these providers will not leave our mail servers as they are blocked by our gateways.

This policy was enacted due to the methods that AOL, Comcast and Compuserve use to determine spam. When spam comes into our servers and is then forwarded, it looks as if it is coming from our servers rather than the original sender. When someone marks the email as spam, the user is in essence marking us as a spammer, and these ISPs then block emails from our servers as a whole.

With no other methods or solutions offered by these ISPs, we had no choice but to block auto forwards to them to keep our mail servers from being blocked. This is just for automatic forwards and in no way limits your ability to directly send to these addresses.

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