How to change the default mailbox size limit for a user in SmarterMail

The following will show you how to change your mailbox size limit through the SmarterMail web interface.  Please note that in order for you to make this type of change, you will need to log into your mail account as an admin user. If you do not have access to an admin email account for your domain, please contact your account administrator.

1.  Log into your email account at (replace "" with your domain name).  Again, be sure to login as an Admin user for the account.

You can also log into your email account as an admin user through the WebControlCenter.  For more information, please see our KB article on how to login as an email admin.

2.  Once logged into SmarterMail, click on the "Settings" option located at the top of the interface.

3.  Expand the "Domain Settings" folder (If you do not see a Domain Settings folder, you are not logged in as an account administrator).

4.  Under Domain Settings, click "Users."

5.  Find the user mailbox you wish to change the size limit for, then click "edit."

6.  On the "User" tab, edit the "Mailbox Size Limit" field (in MBs), then click Save.

7.  Click "Save."  Your Mailbox Size Limit is now updated.

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