How do I set up my email account on Eudora?

1. Click on the "Personalities" tab on the left menu

2. Right-click in the menu and choose "New…" from the pop-up menu

3. Choose "Create brand new email account," click "Next"

4. Type what you would like the account called, click "Next"

5. Type what you would like your email "from" to be seen as when you send email, click "Next"

6. Type in your new email address with your email username followed by "@" and your domain name (ex:, click "Next"

7. Repeat Step 6.

8. Type "mail." followed by your domain name (ex:, click "Next"

9. Skip this step, no directory is needed, click "Next"

10. Repeat Step 8.

11. Click "Finish"

That's it! Whenever you log into Eudora, type in your email password.

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