WordPress Password Reset

WordPress Password Reset

WordPress is a database driven Content Management System (CMS).  This means that everything you see and everything that controls WordPress comes from a MySQL Database and the PHP code that calls (or queries) the database information.  A database is broken into tables.  These tables contain rows and columns that contain the actual data. 

Database Tools

In order to view the information in a database you will need some sort of program.  There are many free MySQL programs on the market like: The program that you choose is up to you.

Updating Your Password

If the password in WordPress is corrupted, or does not work for whatever reason, the following instructions will reset the password for you:

1) Log into your MySQL Database using the database server name, username and password
2) Open the wp_users table
3) Select the "user_pass" field in the table and modify it
4) Change the data in the "user_pass" filed to the below text:
5) Save the changes
6) You should then be able to log into your WordPress with he password "Newtek123!" (without quotes).

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