Joomla sesson error

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Joomla and 'Invalid Session' exception

With PHP 5 they do not set a sessions save path in the php.ini due to security.
Instead you have to specify this in the configuration.php file for Joomla

from joomla forums

Create a sub-folder called sessions in the same folder as the configuration.php file.

Find out the location of your Joomla folder by reading the $mosConfig_absolute_path entry from your configuration.php file.
Take the path from within the quotes on that line.
Put that value between the quotes on this line session_save_path(''); and add a /sessions on the end of that entry - still inside the quotes.

It should look something like this session_save_path('/path/to/joomla/sessions'); but your actual path will be different.
Place that line (with your path) with the other settings in configuration.php - on its own line.

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