What is FTP over SSL (FTPS)?

FTP over SSL (also known as FTPS) works much like standard FTP, but your information is transmitted through a secure and encrypted connection. Most FTP clients that are used today support FTPS, including CuteFTP and Filezilla, among others.

Using FTP over SSL is NOT a requirement, but an option to you. You can still utilize standard FTP when transfer files to your website.

You can check to see if your FTP client supports FTPS by searching the connection options from within your client, or by contacting your FTP client’s software vendor. As there are many popular and commonly used FTP clients out there, each one may require a slightly different action in order to connect via FTPS. Some FTP clients may also auto-detect the FTPS connection.

For a list of FTP clients that we've tested and verified, please see KB article #1053.

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