What do I use for the Host Address when connecting via FTPS

FTP over SSL (FTPS) utilizes the shared SSL certificate already installed on your web server. That means there will be no need for you to purchase your own custom SSL to take advantage of this new feature.

When connecting via FTPS, you’ll have two options when providing the Host Address in your FTP client—either your site’s IP address, or your website's domain name.

When using your IP address or your site's domain name as your Host Address, your FTP client may require that you approve our SSL certificate before connecting, as the certificate is associated with the webcontrolcenter.com domain and not your IP or your site's domain.

Most FTP clients today already support FTPS. You can check to see if your FTP client supports FTPS by searching the connection options from within your client, or by contacting your FTP client’s software vendor. As there are many popular and commonly used FTP clients out there, each one may require a slightly different action in order to connect via FTPS. Some FTP clients may also auto-detect the FTPS connection. If you run into any difficulty, please contact the CrystalTech technical support team.

For a list of FTP clients we’ve tested and verified, please see Knowledgebase article #1052.

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