How do I change the email box size for users?

Login to the WebControlCenter (WCC) at Go to the MAIL option under MENU and select MAIL ADMIN. From here, click on LOGIN AS ADMIN. Alternatively, you can login to your administrative email account using the web mail interface at, where is your domain name. If you do not see the DOMAIN SETTINGS menu within the mail interface, you are not logged in as an ADMIN.

Increasing the mailbox size limit is important for users that exclusively use web mail* or an IMAP** connection, but may not be quite as necessary for users that utilize the more commonly used POP*** connection. The IMAP and POP connection settings can only be selected when initially creating the account within Outlook or other email client on your computer. Please see your local IT or computer department for personal assistance with email setup and work station computer configurations.

For future email accounts, you can select the default size for each new email account that will be created. From the menu item DOMAIN SETTINGS, click on DEFAULT USER SETTING. From this window, update the MAILBOX SIZE LIMIT to any size that you would like all new accounts to have. For example, use 50 or 100 instead of 10. Please be aware that the domain size limit can very depending on the plan type. If the individual email accounts collectively reach the limit of the entire domain, email messages will no longer be received and the domain administrator will receive a warning email message. Enter the size in megabytes or enter a zero for unlimited (able to reach the limits of the entire domain).

To edit individual existing accounts, go to DOMAIN SETTINGS and select EMAIL USERS. Click on any of the email uses to adjust the MAILBOX SIZE LIMIT. Alternatively, see further details by using the HELP menu item, and selecting HELP FOR THIS PAGE.

*Mail Interface is access through the web at, where is your domain name.

**an IMAP connection utilizes a client side email program (e.g. Outlook) while saving all emails on the email server.

***a POP connection downloads all messages onto the client side email program then deletes the messages from the mail server (thus saving space on the server).

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