How to Use Site Features Admin

You can locate the Site Features Admin area in the WebControlCenter under Site > Site Features Admin. This area will allow you to enable or disable certain features regarding your domain. The four main features you can modify are DNS, FrontPage, Mail, and Web Site.

1. DNS - Disabling DNS will remove all DNS zone files from our DNS servers. Users can disable DNS if using a third party DNS provider.

2. FrontPage - FrontPage is disabled by default. This option should ONLY be enabled if users are planning to utilize FrontPage extensions. FrontPage extensions allow the use of FrontPage's built-in components.

3. Mail - The Mail feature is enabled by default. Disabling will remove mail services for the domain. This feature should be disabled if using a third party mail provider or the user does not need mail services.

4. Web Site - If a web site is not needed, or another provider is being used, this feature should be disabled.

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