Reset Zencart Admin user name and password

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You will need to use a database management tool to log into your MySQL
database in order to make this change. If you do not have any such tool,
please see KB Article ID #1042.

To reset your Zencart Admin username and password, please use the query
manager of your MySQL administrative tool and run the following query:

DELETE FROM admin WHERE admin_name = 'Admin';
INSERT INTO admin (admin_name, admin_email, admin_pass, admin_level) VALUES
('Admin','admin@localhost', '351683ea4e19efe34874b501fdbf9792:9b', 1);

If you are using a prefix for your database tables, you'll naturally need to
add that prefix to the table name above. For example, in the first query
above, if you are using the prefix "store_" for your table names, you will
need to change the table named "admin" to "store_admin".

You should now be able to login to the admin area of your Zencart store
using the following details:

Username: Admin
Password: admin

Be sure to use proper case. ie. 'Admin' for username, not 'admin'.

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