Setting up the Shared SSL with DotNetNuke (DNN)

Maximum website encryption protection. Since the release of DNN 4.5.4, you are able to configure DotNetNuke to use a shared SSL certificate. To accomplish this, you will need to make changes in two places.

Please note: You must login using your host ID and password. At this time the admin ID does not have access to the SSL settings:

First, you will need to configure the SSL setting for your DNN pages:

1. Login to DNN with your host ID and password.
2. Go under Admin > Site Settings
3. Go under Advanced Settings > SSL Settings
4. Check off the SSL Enabled option (If you do not do this when you secure a page it will not work).
5. If you only want a page to be available via HTTPS, check off the SSL Enforced option.
6. Type in the Shared SSL URL in the SSL URL field (e.g., ).
7. Type in the normal URL for your site in the Standard URL field ( e.g., ).
8. Click on Update to save the changes.

This will configure the SSL settings for your DNN pages. Next we will need to make sure the pages you want to have use the Shared SSL are set up.

1. Go under Admin > Page Settings
2. Select the page you want to secure and click on Edit Selected Page or if it's a new page click on Add New Page.
3. Go under Advanced Settings > Other Settings
4. Check off the option for Secure.
5. Click update to save the changes.

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