How to Convert a .CRT File into a Microsoft .CER Format

Maximum website encryption protection.

In some cases when submitting a CSR request some certificate authorities only have the option to select the server as "IIS 5+". The actual version we run is IIS 6. When IIS 5+ is selected the certificate is issued as a “.CRT”. If this is the case we have included directions on how to convert your .CRT to a .CER file.

1) Double-click on the yourwebsite.CRT file to open it in the Certificate

2) Select the Details tab, and then click the "Copy to File"

3) Press Next on the Certificate Export Wizard, then select Base-64 encoded
X.509 (.CER) and click Next.

4) Select Browse, choose where to save the exported file, and assign a filename
of "yourwebsite" (don't specify an extension of ".cer").

5) Click Next, then click Finished.

This completes the export process for yourwebsite.CER

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