Create an avatar for your Forum Profile

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You can create an avatar for your forum profile. This is an icon that will appear with your forum posts.

An avatar can be used to convey the identity of a user in the forum. It can be an image or symbol that represents a forum user and their actions, personalizing their contributions to the forum and may represent different parts of their personality, beliefs, interests or social status in the forum.

You can use an image of your own or find an avatar at multiple websites throughout the Internet.

To add an avatar to your forum profile, follow these steps:

1. Login into the CrystalTech forums at
2. Click on ‘Profile’ in the top menu.
3. Click on the ‘UPLOAD PIC’ image at the top left of the page.
4. Upload the image for your avatar by clicking on the ‘I will upload my own picture’ radio button and the clicking on the ‘Browse’ button to locate it on your local computer.
5. Once you find the image you want to use, click ‘Open’.
6. Click on the ‘Change profile’ button at the bottom of the page to save your new avatar.

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