PayPal SDK

Isolated Sandbox to test your ecommerce solutions

How to use the PayPal SDK
1. Get an account with PayPal.

2. Generate a PayPal certificate.

3. When the certificate is downloaded, the certificate is in PEM format. The downloaded PEM file has a .txt extension. The PEM file needs to be converted to the P12 format to be compatible with the SDK. To convert the PEM format certificate, you can use a tool called openssl. For more information on this, see the link below:

Once the .P12 certificate is created, you will then need to upload the certificate to the server. Then, any Cold Fusion pages that will use the certificate will have to specify the path in the individual CFM pages.

4. You should now be able to make API calls to PayPal.

API Calls
To test the API code, you can use PayPal’s SandBox accounts to test the site. You can log in here:

You need to choose a merchant service to handle the transactions. PayPal has a few listed below that they recommend:

PayPal’s integration center, located at, has step by step details for getting started with PayPal, SDK, website payments pro and Express checkout.

SandBox Testing
The PayPal Sandbox is a testing environment that is a duplicate of the live PayPal site, except that no real money changes hands. The Sandbox allows you to test your entire integration before submitting transactions to the live PayPal environment. Get a complete step by step process on how to test by following this URL:

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