How do I backup and restore my SharePoint site using Microsoft FrontPage?

Using FrontPage, you can backup and restore your SharePoint 2.0 site. This process can be used to create a backup for safekeeping or to transfer your SharePoint site from another provider to CrystalTech.

(SharePoint Intermediate and Advanced plans are SharePoint 2.0. FrontPage cannot be used to connect to a SharePoint 3.0 site.)

To create a backup:

1) With FrontPage open, select “Open Site” from the “File” menu.

2) Type your website address into the “Site Name” field and click “Open”. Be sure to include “http://”.

3) Login with your site user username and password.
a) To view this information in the Web Control Center, select “Site User Admin” from the “Site” menu.

4) Once the site opens, select the “Tools” menu and then “Server>Backup Web Site”.

5) Click “Ok” to continue.
a) If your site includes subsites, be sure to place a checkmark next to “Include subsites in archive”.

6) Browse to the folder where you’d like to save the backup and enter a name for the file in the “File name” field; “site.fwp” for example.

7) Click “Save” to create the backup.
a) Depending on the size of your site, FrontPage may split your backup into 2 or more files; “site.fwp” and “site1.fwp” for example. Be sure to retain all files for safekeeping.

To restore from a backup:

** WARNING: You cannot restore over an existing site if you have already applied a template. Your SharePoint site will need to be reset before the restoration is performed. Otherwise, you will receive a server error that a template has already been selected. Please submit a ticket to Support to have your SharePoint site reset. .

1) Submit a ticket to have your SharePoint site reset.
a) You can submit a ticket via the Web Control Center by selecting “Ticket Management” from the “Customer” menu.

2) Follow steps 1 through 3 from above.

3) Once the site opens, select the “Tools” menu and then “Server>Restore Web Site”.

4) Browse to your backup file and select “Open”.
a) A backup file should have a “.fwp” extension.
b) If you have two or more backup files, FrontPage should automatically load the additional backup files. If not, FrontPage will prompt for the additional files. Backup files must be restored in the order they were created.

5) Select “OK” to restore the site.

6) You should receive notification that the restore completed successfully. Click “Ok” to continue.

7) If you are restoring your site from another provider, you will need to re-add your SharePoint users. For information on creating users and adding them to SharePoint, please see Knowledge Base Article #804.

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